Rep. Sosnowski Passes Legislation to Regulate Amateur Kickboxing Tournaments in Illinois

Springfield… State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford) passed legislation that will allow for amateur kickboxing tournaments to come back to Rockford and the entire State, ensuring adequate safety measures for all involved. House Bill 1646 regulates amateur elimination tournaments and defines in statute how these tournaments operate.
There has been overwhelming support from across the State,” said Rep. Sosnowski. “These tournaments will bring in revenue and offer additional entertainment options for communities in a safe and appropriate manner. We made sure to take into account the safety of the sport competitors, venues patrons and the entertainment interests of the community.”
Current State statute is vague and does not define these tournaments for amateurs. The legislation will enable the tournaments to offer prize money without amateurs having to declare themselves as professionals. Also, promoters would have more options (tournament styles) to choose from.
The legislation was supported by the Rockford Area Venues and Entertainment Authority (RAVE) and other similar venues,” said Rep. Sosnowski. ‘The popular Toughman competitions (kickboxing) would now be able to come back to Rockford with the proper regulations in place. These tournaments provide an extra boost to local tourism and that is something that is extremely important to our area.”
Before the start of any elimination tournament, the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulations (IDPFR) has to check all promoters, professionals, and officials associated with the tournament for licenses issued by the Department, and anyone who does not meet safety standards and have a license may not participate.

House Bill 1646 now heads to the Senate for consideration.