Illinois Finances Made Transparent

Ever wonder how much money the State of Illinois is actually spending or what the balance is? If so, you’re are going to want to visit our State Comptroller’s website. Leslie Munger, the current Comptroller, allows Illinois citizens, taxpayers, and anyone who visits the website to access its ledger function. 

From the website.. 
“The Ledger is your portal to Illinois government. State financial records, as well as official reports and analyses can all be found here.
We believe that government should be an open book that provides a full accounting for public dollars. To that end, The Ledger was designed to bring more transparency and accountability in an efficient manner to you, the taxpayer.
Using the tabs on the left, you can track the daily activity of the state’s accounts, perform searches on specific revenues, expenditures, and entities, or even track a state employee’s salary.
We are confident that opening our Ledger will enhance the public’s ability to “follow the money.” Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or requests for information. We are standing by for your call, and look forward to providing whatever assistance you may need.”