Rep. Sosnowski, Washington Academy team up to sponsor mock presidential vote for 3rd and 4th grade students

BELVIDERE – Third and fourth grade students at Washington Academy will hold a mock vote for President of the United States on Wednesday, October 12 in a special civic engagement exercise sponsored by State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford). Washington Academy is located at 1031 5th Avenue in Belvidere.
Representative Sosnowski will speak to the group of 300 students in the morning about the importance of civic involvement and voting. The students will then be given the opportunity to vote during the school day, with the ballots to be collected and counted by Representative Sosnowski’s office, who will then relay the final tally to Washington Academy.

Boone County Clerk & Recorder Mary Steurer has graciously agreed to lend the use of actual voting booths and provide “I Voted” stickers so students can gain a more realistic voting experience.
“Preparing young people to be active participants in our democracy and exercising their future right to vote is a valuable teaching tool,” Representative Sosnowski added. “I would like to thank Washington Academy for their partnership as well as our County Clerk and Recorder Mary Steurer for helping give these students the experience of what it is truly like to vote.”

“We the people are privileged to choose the leaders in our local, state and federal governments,” Steurer said.  “As the Boone County Clerk, I am honored to ensure that the voting process is run fairly and accurately so your voice is heard.”