PHOTO GALLERY: Washington Academy Mock Presidential Vote

BELVIDERE – Third and fourth-grade students at Washington Academy held a mock vote for President of the United States on Wednesday, October 12 in a special civic engagement exercise sponsored by State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford). Boone County Clerk & Recorder Mary Steurer graciously provided authentic “I Voted” stickers and voting booths so students could gain a more realistic voting experience.
Representative Sosnowski spoke to a group of more than 200 students about the importance of civic involvement and voting. The student voting results revealed Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton won with 149 votes.
“I was very impressed with the students at Washington Academy,” commented Representative Sosnowski. “They approached the voting exercise with great interest, enthusiasm, and commitment. I hope this experience has helped to prepare them for casting their first official ballots when they come of age and reinforce the importance of exercising their right to vote as citizens. I would like to thank Washington Academy for their partnership as well as our County Clerk and Recorder Mary Steurer for helping give these students the experience of what it is truly like to vote.”