Rep. Sosnowski earns highest rating on Illinois Manufacturing Legislative Scorecard

State Representative Joe Sosnowski, R-Rockford, has scored a rating of 90 from the Technology and Manufacturing Association on the organization’s annual Illinois Manufacturing Legislative Scorecard based on his voting record during the current 101st General Assembly. Sosnowski is one of only seven Illinois House members (out of 118 total) to earn the highest rating.

This year, the average score was 45, meaning that members of the Illinois House of Representatives voted more often against the manufacturing industry. 38 of 118 House members scored a voting record of 70 or above according to their understanding of the critical issues important to the state’s 12,317 manufacturers.

“I am proud to be a strong supporter of our manufacturing industry here in the Stateline and across Illinois,” Sosnowski said. “The men and women who make the products that power our economy deserve more advocates in Springfield. It is truly an honor to receive the highest rating from the Technology and Manufacturing Association as we look to build upon our progress of making Illinois a more competitive and affordable place to invest in manufacturing in 2020.”

Representing close to 1,000 manufacturers and over 30,000 manufacturing employees, the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) is a comprehensive resource for Midwest manufacturers looking to improve operations, strengthen their workforce, and grow their businesses. As a leading voice in an evolving industry TMA cultivates and strengthens our members by providing them programs and services in order to thrive as individuals, companies, and a business community.

Ratings on the Illinois Manufacturing Legislative Scorecard were based on lawmakers’ votes on ten key pieces of legislation concerning various issues including taxes, the minimum wage, workers’ compensation, workplace regulations on recreational marijuana, and equal pay, among others.